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Life cycle of each product depends on its design.

The design of each product can be expressed as numerous facts such as the life time cycle, destination of product in the market, the mission of producer and the vision of designer. Introducing a product without eye-catching designs and unique features could be the beginning of the end for the producer.

  • Good design is innovative

    The most successful products have had creativity and their designers had different sights and vision about them. Creativity is valuable when combine with simplicity.

  • Good design is Elegant

    Everyone cannot create aesthetic but all people know and love the beautiful creatures. Interesting point is that the beauty has the life time; elegant designs remain beautiful in the passing time like the German cars. But some designs just look beautiful in the short time.

  • Good design has target

    All components of a design should have target and assembled together based on the pre-determined principles and rules in order to create harmony and preserve their value.

  • Good design is sustainable and love environment.

    A good design should be sustainable and consider the environmental impacts such as: minimising the usage of row material, decreasing the pollution created in the production procedure and also it should be recyclable.

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  • Which designs have more chance

    Those designs which are simple and beautiful and have the capability to be produced in the short time and have the competitiveness ability compare to other designs and also have the final products cost.

  • Concern about the intellectual property:

    In fact we have a group of talented and professional designers in our design studio who have lots of designs that we could produce only number of them, furthermore, we always care about the intellectual property

  • Creativity in Design:

    Like using new combination of different materials, changing the design, shape or even the way that a product used to be produced. These strategies would play a key role in the sale of a product in the market.

  • When is the deadline for our competition

    There is no time limit for our competition; those people who are interested could upload their designs on our website, and we will review the uploaded designs in 2 weeks' time and send the results to the competitors.

  • Final product cost:

    Consumer's expectations of product quality, time to new product design introduction, and final product cost have changed. Customers continue to demand higher quality products for reduced prices with improved product designs at quicker intervals.

  • Innovation

    The ability to be innovative would be one of the most important factors in designing a new product , being innovative can have positive effects on the product's life cycle, its final cost , the rate of consumer's satisfaction , the selling price

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